Carcinophobia - extreme fear of contracting cancer

Carcinophobia is the extreme fear of contracting cancer. This is a very rare form of phobia and those affected will always get worried any sort of negative bodily symptoms. Those with Carcinophobia believe that cancer is contagious. This can deteriorate the quality of life and patient gets isolated from society and relatives.

Washing hands frequently after meeting a cancer patient
Feeling of dread
Rapid breathing or difficulty to breath
Panic attack

Some people are apprehensive about ill effects of cancer and when they see a cancer patient they feel that the whole environment is cancerous. Self Neuro Linguistic Programmes are very effective as they change patients mental structure for a healthy life. With self NLP patient feels that cancer is not death and this helps to think positively also. Patient must have a strong wish to get rid of phobia. Behaviour therapy is also effective. Anti anxiety medications can be given along with therapies to supress symptoms of phobia. Hypnotherapy is one of hte most effective forms of treatment. In hypnotherapy patients mind set is changed. It is very effective and needs only short period of time. This method is safe and less expensive also. More over hypnotherapy is non-invasive. In thia method fear dissociation along with anxiety relief techniques are used. Erickson hypnotherapy is a method in which indirect suggestions are given to patients who are anxious about what they have said during hypnosis. This method can be used to treat multiple phobia aslo. Medications for anxiety and depression are likely to cause side effects.


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