Aviophobia is the intense fear of flying

Aviophobia is the intense fear of flying. It is also known as aerophobia. Aviophobia can occur on or off an aeroplane. This can affect normal life and social and personal relationship. Some might not even visit their loved ones or even drop a business proposal for this cause. About 20% adults are affected by htis phobia.


Panic attack
Dry mouth
Detachment from reality
Increased heart beat
Fear od death
Inability to think or speak
Feeling sick
Losing control


Aviophobia is closely associated to Claustrophobia. One third of people who use flight is afraid to be in closed area. Some feels a lack of control which in turn leads to phobia. Fear may be due to a bad past experience or such as mid-air turbulence


Most effective of all treatments is energy psychology. This is fast and less expensive. Patient need to help himself for recovering from the disease. Even a help over the phone is found effective in this case. Talk therapy is also very good for treating Aviophobia. But in certain cases patients identity itself is wrapped in this phobia and are afraid to give up their phobia. Some others love to talk about their phobia and hence will spend years in talk therapy. Repeated talking will keep them stuck in this stage and will not help to get rid of it. Anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications are often given to patients. Xanax and pexil are medicines usually prescribed there might be severe withdrawal symptoms. These drugs can only supress the symptoms. Some psychiatrists prescribe benzodiazepines to control symptoms temporarily. Hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, yoga different behavioural therapies, pilates etc. are very useful if the patient himself tries to get rid of phobia. Patient may read or listen to music while travelling to distract himself from fear. Psychiatric medication and some virtual medicines can cure this phobia. Sharing information about the wonders of flying can be helpful in its treatment. Cognitive behavior therapy, Systematic desensitization and Virtual reality therapy are all helpful means to treat aviophobia. Cognitive behavior therapy is for those who does not have a history of panic attack.

Alternative medicine

Herbs like Hypericum perforatum commonly known as St John’s Wort are anti anxiety medicines. Some other natural remedies include usage of Passiflora incarnata (Passion flower), Scutellaria laterifolia (Scullcap) and Valerian to calm down the mind. Natural medicines als called as complimentary medicines are ery effective in treating Aviophobia. These herbal medicines may be consumed as an infusion or in the form of a tincture. Homeopathy is also useful in this treatment. In Homeopathy Gelsemium is used to smoothen the nerves. Aconite is used to treat panic disorders and argentum nitricum is used to treat Claustrophobia. These medicines does not have any side effects. Chinese form of acupuncture called Emotional Freedom Therapy is a method in which pressure is applied on certain body parts.


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