Unani medicine and treatment for piles & fistula-in-ano

Unani System :

Unani system of medicines and treatment may seemingly look like Ayurveda but there are subtle differences. The system is based on humoral theory or those relating to he body fluids, in particular (of immunity) involving the action of circulating antibodies.
The four bodily humors are blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. This in turn denotes a person as sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric or melancholic. Likewise the medicinal plants too are assigned temperament. The drug’s formulation depends on the four facets as mentioned earlier.
The treatment here comprises of three components: Preventive, promotive and curative. Thus far this seem to have done well. The Unani systems of medicines have specialized on rheumatic arthritis, jaundice, filariasis, eczema, psoriasis, sinusitis and bronchial asthma. Like other Indian systems of medicine Unani researchers too have embarked upon to find solutions for HIV/AIDS, cancer, cardio-vascular disorders and TB.

Unani medicine and treatment for piles & fistula-in-ano

The Government Hospital attached to Ayurveda Unani Tibbia Collage has 110 beds with O.P.D. and attached laboratories. Patients are admitted and treated free of cost. The Surgical Department headed by Dr. K. K. Sijoria has been doing highly appreciable work in Anorectal surgery. This hospital has become famous for treatment of piles & fistula-in-ano. The Medical & Gyneie Departments have also been rendering good services to the suffering humanity.
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Dr Asad said...


Unani medicines are very much affective in treating the following diseases apart from Piles and fistula

Arthritis , Eczema , Migraine , Sinusitis , Sexual problems , Common Cold , Allergies , Vitiligo , Kidney Stones , Ulcers , Acidity , Muscular Pains , Hair fall,Psoriosis etc etc.

Tanzy Uddin said...

Hi can anyone tell me if unani medicine cure my 4 months old daughters eczema it is quite severe. And how will these medicines help?

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