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Vitiligo - white patches appears on the skin

Vitiligo is otherwise known as leukoderma and is a condition in which white patches appears on the skin. Medically it is known as achromia ...

Unani medicine and treatment for piles & fistula-in-ano

Unani System :

Unani system of medicines and treatment may seemingly look like Ayurveda but there are subtle differences. The system is based on humoral theory or those relating to he body fluids, in particular (of immunity) involving the action of circulating antibodies.
The four bodily humors are blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. This in turn denotes a person as sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric or melancholic. Likewise the medicinal plants too are assigned temperament. The drug’s formulation depends on the four facets as mentioned earlier.
The treatment here comprises of three components: Preventive, promotive and curative. Thus far this seem to have done well. The Unani systems of medicines have specialized on rheumatic arthritis, jaundice, filariasis, eczema, psoriasis, sinusitis and bronchial asthma. Like other Indian systems of medicine Unani researchers too have embarked upon to find solutions for HIV/AIDS, cancer, cardio-vascular disorders and TB.

Unani medicine and treatment for piles & fistula-in-ano

The Government Hospital attached to Ayurveda Unani Tibbia Collage has 110 beds with O.P.D. and attached laboratories. Patients are admitted and treated free of cost. The Surgical Department headed by Dr. K. K. Sijoria has been doing highly appreciable work in Anorectal surgery. This hospital has become famous for treatment of piles & fistula-in-ano. The Medical & Gyneie Departments have also been rendering good services to the suffering humanity.
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Anonymous said...


Unani medicines are very much affective in treating the following diseases apart from Piles and fistula

Arthritis , Eczema , Migraine , Sinusitis , Sexual problems , Common Cold , Allergies , Vitiligo , Kidney Stones , Ulcers , Acidity , Muscular Pains , Hair fall,Psoriosis etc etc.

Unknown said...

Hi can anyone tell me if unani medicine cure my 4 months old daughters eczema it is quite severe. And how will these medicines help?

Unknown said...

Using herbal remedies is a safe and effective treatment for fistula-in-ano. This is a best alternative treatment for anal fistula. You don’t need to be afraid of fistula surgery as these are capable of healing fistula naturally without any side effect

Fistula Herbal Cure

Anonymous said...

Hello sir...............

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for Sharing Information.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for Sharing Information.
The alternative medicines or the Unani medicines were developed by the Islamic medicine practitioner "Avicenna" nearly about 1025 century. The formulas of the medicine is to balance the four elements of the human body that are earth, air, fire, and water the basic tent of the medicine is to rebalance the constant activeness of the human health which is the main governing elements the modern Unani medicines manufacturers have evolved the medicines to that act not directly to the diseases or the cause it is taken but the other health factors that lead the diseases flourish in one's health the medicines typically targets the physical fluids which contain several antioxidants and the pathogens to fight the diseases.

Julie said...

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Roy-John said...

Thanks for sharing very useful post. Piles can be very painful and uncomfortable.Try out Piles tonic herbs in Bangalore.

Unknown said...

Go in tibbia hospital karol bagh...i am also suffering from tiniea in full body from 2014 to 2017...tibbiya hospital doctor are very good

Raghu said...

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Unknown said...

Fistula ruptured treatment

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Sir I am fistula pesant 1 month any medicine name in relex i poor man sir opret is not money
Sir please
Any medicin

John Roy said...

I've been dealing with hemorrhoids for years. My doctor says its family history. At this point, I'm up for anything that may work permanently.

Allabaksh said...

Assalamualaikum Dr. Asad Saab, I am suffering from high fistula with multiple tracks. Can you please suggest me the treatment in Unani. I am a senior citizen and hails from south India so not able to visit Delhi..


Iam suffring form piles & Fistula, kindly sir recomand best Medician sir,Iam poor family my mobile No=9553505636

Shweta said...

Thanks for sharing very useful post. Piles can be very painful and uncomfortable.Try out piles remedy

unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this useful information ,regards.
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