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Multiple Sclerosis affects the central nervous system including brain and spinal cord. Myelin sheath that protects nerve cell is damaged and messages are blocked. It is mostly affected by women between the age of 20 and 40.

There are four types of multiple sclerosis. First one is relapsing remitting in which the attack comes periodically and extends to a specific time period. In the second type is primary progressive in which thee is no period for symptoms to appear. Secondary progressive is the third type in which sudden relapses may occur. Last type is progressive relapsing in which the existing symptoms worsen and new one appears.


Patients with MS are affected with visual disturbances, paralysis, muscle weakness, difficulty to balance, think, and write, memory problems, sensation problems like numbness, fatigue, etc.


It is believed that MS occurs when antibodies attack body itself as if the body immune system is foreign and it is an autoimmune disease. It is the proteins in myelin sheath that gets affected and this slows down the messages from nerves which control our muscles and sensation. Genetic factor is said to be one of the causes. Some believe that some virus introduces a protein that mimics myelin protein and it is this new one that destroys myelin protein. Environmental and geographic factors are also likely to cause MS. It is most common among European people.


There is no medicine for Multiple Sclerosis. Medicines can reduce the symptoms. Physical and Occupational therapy are also helpful. Medications include corticosteroids that affect immunological actions, immune modulating drugs that reduce immune cells ability to cause inflammation, and immunosuppresents that reduce inflammation.

For relapsing MS beta interferons are used. They are scientifically made proteins that are copies of proteins of our body to regulate immune system. These are of two types. One is Betaseron, that is injected under skin and another is Rebif which is also an injection. Another one is Glatramer or Copaxone which blocks attack on myelin. Yet another medicine is Tysabri or Natalizumab which prevent immune cells from getting attached to brain blood vessels. Other medications include a chemotherapy drug called Mitoxantrone or Novantrone. In case of progressive MS corticosteroids, muscle relaxants, medicines to fight depression and fatigue reducing medications are given. Physical and occupational therapy, counseling and plasma exchange are other treatments for MS. In plasma exchange some of the blood from patients body is taken, plasma is separated and albumin is mixed with blood and then it is returned to body. Intramuscular injections like AVONEX are given. All these injections are likely to show some reactions like swelling or redness. Patients in course of time develop immunity against medicines and at that stage neutralizing antibodies are injected to body to reduce immunity towards medicines.

Alternative therapy

Most people do alternative medicines along with traditional medicine. Vitamin supplements are also provided to patients. Some believe that acupuncture is an effective method of treating Multiple Sclerosis.


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