Urticaria - skin rashes or hives

Urticaria is a type of skin rashes, commonly known as hives. This is one of the most common dermatological disorders. The affected area seems reddish and swelled and the skin over there is pruritus. If the urtication lasting less than 6 weeks is acute Urticaria whereas the urtication lasting more than 6 weeks is chronic Urticaria.

Symptoms of Urticaria

Skin rash
An intense itching sensation
Raised mark on the skin
Swelling on the affected area
Swelling on lips, tongue, uvula, larynx


Most of the Urticaria is because of unknown cause.

Some known causes are
Viral Infection
Immune response
Exposure of skin to sunlight
Excessive Pressure, temperature, cold
Excessive exercise
Emotional stress


As the symptoms and causes are difficult to find, medication is also difficult. The root cause of the disease is hard to diagnose, so that the guaranteed treatment is not possible. By using certain Antihistamine medicine you can bring the desease under control. Medicines such as diphenhydramine,hydroxiyzine,cetirizine are commonly used.

Alternative medicines

Herbal treatment is effective for Urticaria. Coconut, yarrow, comfrey, yellow dock, ginger are used externally at the affected part whereas burdock, goldenseal, juniper berry, parsley root can use orally.

The external application of certain essential oils extracted from Caraway, Chamomile,

Lavender, Patchouli and Rose will helps to bring the irritation due to Urticaria under control.

Homeopathy offers effective treatment for urticaria. According to homeopathy each case is different and need individual treatment.




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