Eczema - allergic condition of skin

Eczema also known as dermatitis is the allergic condition of skin. Most common among them is atopic eczema which exists through out your life. The disease causes physical as well as mental tension to patient.


Itching of skin

Dryness, thickening or scalp formation of skin

Red colour of skin

hardening of skin

Formation of rashes on skin

This is caused by over active response of immune system to unknown triggers. Those with a family history of asthma or allergies is also likely to be affected. For some people certain things like soap or animals contact is likely to cause disease. Cold is yet another cause that triggers eczema. Usually hte disease occurs to those whose skin is over sensitive.

Preventive measures

Moisturising the skin

Being in constant temperature and there b avoiding sweating

Reducing contact withthose materials likely to cause allergy

Avoiding soap, solvents and scratchy materials like wool

Reducing stress

Taking prevention against cold

Avoiding food that is likely to trigger eczema

Anti candida diet is another preventive method

Avoiding scratching

Avoid tight dress

Wear loose cotton dress during summer

Mostly symptoms are treated as there is no effective treatment for the disease. Moisturisers, lotions or cold compresses are used to prevent dryness of skin. These are to be applied after bathing as this will help to retain moisture more effectively. Hydrocortisones or creams and ointments with corticosteroids are used to reduce inflation. Antibiotics and corticosteroids are also given orally to prevent bacterial infection. Antihistamines and tar treatments are given to reduce itching. Phototherapy and cyclosporine are also prescribed. Skin creams named Elidel and Protopic are topical immunomodulators (TIMs) that alter immune system and prevent flare-ups. Yet another immuno modulator is cyclosporine A but is only rarely used as it can cause severe side affects. . Calcineurin inhibitors like tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are given in cases of atopic dermatitis to modulate immune system. These wont cause any side effects like skin thickening. Sedative antihistamines are prescribed to reduce itching. But this is likely to cause sedation or drowsiness.

Alternative medicine and home medicine

Growing probiotics will supress growth of bacteria that cause infection. Herbal gels and creams, those made from chamomile, licorice, and witch hazel are halpful to reduce symptoms of eczema. Gamma-linolenic acids (GLA) like evening primrose oil and borageoil helps skin lipids to fight against inflammation. Gamma-linolenic acids are fatty acids. Fish oils can also reduce the symptoms of eczema. As Vitamin B12 deficiency is likely to worsen the condition it is suggested that intake of this viamin is helpful. Herbs like Liquorice root containing glycyrrhizinic acid and a cream prepared with witch hazel and phosphatidylcholine is also helpful to prevent the disease. Hypnosis is found effective in treating eczema. Holistic medicine is found to be very effective to treat eczima.



Daniel Gosling said...

I like your blog - very informative - anything that helps relieve the discomfort for sufferers is great

smilinggreenmom said...

I wanted to share what has helped our little boy so much with his severe Eczema. We had tried everything, meds, docs, creams and elimination diets without anything working for him. What has been an answer to our prayers is the Bellyboost probiotics for kids. He started taking them and quickly began looking so much better. He can now eat all kinds of foods without flaring and he feels great! I hope this helps others.

iram akrm said...

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