Necrophobia - intense revulsion on seeing dead things

Necrophobia is the fear of dead things and is rare when compared to other phobias. Those with Necrophobia suffer intense revulsion on seeing dead things. They are not afraid of their own death. Those who are afraid of their own death is under a condition called Thanatophobia. Necrohobia can cause emotional damage as those who are phobic may not be able to visit any funeral even if of closed relatives.


Even the sight of a dead thing or ccorpse on television can trigger their fear


Dread fear, anxiety and trepidation

Drying of mouth

Difficulty to speak


Feeling panic and terror

Rapid heartbeat

Infrequent and asymmetrical heart beat



Feeling sick and queasy

Psychological instability

Necrophobic will take extreme measures to avoid attending a funeral or such situations.


An event in the past (exposure to a dead body or dead animal). Some sight on television like brutal death of an animal can lead to this condition. Personal exposure to such thing is the most common cause. Those witha general tendency towards fear and anxiety, those who are high strung, and people suffering from adrenal insufficiency has more risk to have this phobia. Life-experiences when combined with heredity, genetics, and brain chemistry can lead to such situations.


Hypnotherapy is the most effective method of treatment for this phobia. A psychiatrist specially trained can help you to solve the issue. Behaviour therapy is yet another effective method. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the method by which your reaction to a dead thing is rescheduled. This is very effective and rapid. Self help NLP techniques are also very effective. Energy Psychology is another effective rapid, safeand long-lasting method to treat Necrophobia. It is otherwise called emotional acupuncture. By this method patients thought patterns change very fast and mind is in control, relaxed. Patient develop s certain skills and techniques useful for lifetime. Spirituality is also good as it will develop a feeling that there is some thing to protect you in danger. Proper exercise along with healthy diet and support from family and friends can do miracles to those suffering from phobias. Anxiety medications help to reduce symptoms. Desensitization work is also very helpful to treat this phobia.

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