Fear of lightning and thunder - Brontophobia

Brontophobia also known as Astraphobia or Keraunophobia or Tonitrophobia is the persistant and abnormal fear of lightning and thunder. This phobia is mostly seen among childen and at times among adults also. The unnecessary fear causes anxiety even though the person knows that thunder will not cause any harm to him. When outside this very high level of anxiety may cause the person to react in a heightened state and this will increase blood pressure. He will feel drained and in a weak state. at home the person may hide under some thing like table or sofa. Those affected by this phoibia might avoid all social activities when there is chance of thunder storm. This can even make the person panic. Even though he is aware that thunder is not likely to cause any harm a Brontophobic will not be able to escape from the fear.


Breathing difficulty

Increased heart beat

Excessive sweating

Panic attacks

Feeling sick




Any incident that occured in the past due to thunder and lightning may be the cause of such panic. Person might have experienced or witness any hazards due to thunder and lightning. Certain portion of the brain experience panic attack and thus the persons mind cannot think as of usual man.

Neuro Linguistic Programs work very well for Brontophobiatics. They can practice Self-help Neuro Linguistic Programs and there by change the thoughts that cause panic. An expert can help you to remodel the thoughts and there by change the preconceived notions which is the cause of phobia. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is also found helpful in which the patient get exposed to similar situation and thus the mind gains power to resist panic and anxiety. Flooding and counter-conditioning are part of CBT. Sedatives or anti-anxiety medications are at times useful to relieve from symptoms like stress. Virtual reality therapy is also good as artificial storm and thunder can be created indoors withthe help of 3d images in a computer. It is less expensive and less time consuming. Talk therapy, support groups in which those who are trying to help themselves to cope with phobia is also helpful. relaxation techniques are also good to relieve from stress.

Alternative Medicines
Hypnotherapy is also helpful for some persons. Psychotherapy by expert psychologists are also effective. In energy psychology energy medicine, yoga, t ai chi (Chinese martial form for physical and emotional well being), prana, qi gong (Chinese meditative practice with slow graceful movements and breathing techniques), acupressure etc are used. These methods help to stimulate energy points and thereby changes brains electrochemistry. Psychiatric expers as well as behavioural therapists are helpful to treat phobias.



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