Acanthocheilonemiasis - rare parasitical disease

Acanthocheilonemiasis is a rare parasitical disease found in tropical areas mostly in Africa. This disease is usually transmitted through the bites of small flies.


The most important symptoms are headache, red itchy skin (pruritis), abdominal and chest pain, muscular pain (myalgia), localized swelling (edema), liver and spleen may be enlarged (hepatosplenomegaly), abnormally elevated levels of specialized white blood cells (eosinophilia)


The only cause of Acanthocheilonemiasis is the bites of small flies seen in African areas. The disease is transmitted through the bites of small flies.


Treatment is made only for the symptoms. Pain medication is important to reduce headache and muscle pain. Control the white blood cells in the body is also important. Blood transformation is necessary to balance white blood cells in the body. Nutritional food will help to improve health condition. Bed rest along with plenty of fluids is important to control and avoid body pain.


Avoid the bite of the flies is the only preventive method. Destroying the flies through cleaning the living place and environment and using preventive step to avoid the flies.

Alternative Therapy:

Herbs and nutritional supplements help to improve liver health. Oil massage is needed to muscle pain. Blood transformation is important for controlling the level of white blood cells.


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