Lymphocytic Lymphoma - Symptoms, Cause and treatment

Lymphocytic lymphoma is also known as non – Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is a type of cancer. Tumors develop from lymphocytes.
In this type the lymph nodes develop in neck, armpit etc as swollen and the patient might have fever, night sweats, weight loss, fatigue, pain in abdomen or chest, itching in skin etc.
In normal case white blood cells gets destroyed in a certain period of time and new ones are produced. But in this type of patients abnormal white blood cells that grow uncontrollably are produced. These lymphocytes get accumulated in lymph nodes forming a swelling, which is painless. At times these cancer forms outside lymphatic system also.
Chemotherapy, in which a combination of drugs is given to patient orally or through injection to reduce growth of cells. Radiation is a process in which these radiations kill cancer cell and reduce its growth. Stem cell transplantation is another method. Biotherapy in which immune system targets cancer cells only. In Radio immunotherapy monocional antibodies are combined with radio isotopes and this radiation helps to destroy cancer cells. Interferon therapy is another method in which, interferon proteins produced in body are provided artificially.

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