Emphysema causes difficulty to breath

Emphysema is a disease that affects lungs and causes difficulty to breath. Air sacs and airways to lungs are damaged and this causes difficulty in exhaling. Disease develops very slowly and by the time you identify the disease it might have caused irreversible damage.


Hyperventilation, difficulty to exhale, expanded chest, reduced capacity of physical activity, mild or chronic cough, weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue etc. You will find it tough to breath when lying or when you have flu or such disease.


Disease is caused by exposure to toxic substances or long term use of tobacco smoke. Tissues of lungs loss elasticity and airways to lungs get damaged causing difficulty to exhale. Walls of air sacs are destroyed of which it loses elasticity. Air you inhaled gets trapped in air sacs and t will be difficult to exhale. Protein deficiency is another reason. Deficiency of alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAt) is hereditary. Occupational exposure to dust or chemical fumes are also likely to cause the disease. Exposure to secondary smoke, HIV, connective tissue disorders and heredity are other causes.


Treatment is given for relieving the symptoms and to avoid further complications. For smokers the first step is to stop smoking to reduce further damage. For this a comprehensive smoking cessation plan is developed and medications like nicotine gum and medicines like bupropion hydrochloride (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix) are given to reduce problems after quitting smoking. Patients must also avoid air pollution.

Drugs like bronchodilators for relieving cough and breathing difficulties, inhaled steroids in case of emphysema associated with asthma, oxygen supplement for those with low blood oxygen levels are also given. Infusion of AAt protein, antibiotics to reduce infection due to pneumonia or influenza etc are also given. Lung volume reduction surgery is done to remove damaged lung tissue. Lung transplant is done in case of severe emphysema. Pulmonary rehabilitation program which includes exercise, education and behavioral intervention to help for independent living.

Exercise to strengthen air diaphragm is a must. Influenza immunization must be taken every year. Strengthening is very necessary through exercises like walking. Extra mucus must be removed through proper exercise or lying positions. You must avoid dust, fumes, smoke, air pollution, extreme temperatures, respiratory infections etc. Nutrition level of body must be maintained. Regular exercise is the most effective treatment through which you can improve the exhaling capacity.

Yet another treatment developed by doctors is investigational therapy in which a miniature one way valve in lungs of emphysema patient and therapy is called endobronchial valve procedure. This is not a surgery. Oxygen therapy is another method in which oxygen is administered to patient in particular measurement. Pulmonary rehabilitation to improve quality of life is another treatment.











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