Asthma alternative medicine -Bathini Fish - 2008 June

HYDERABAD: It's that time of the year when thousands of asthmatics assemble here, open their mouths wide and gobble up a fish medicine that promises them a herbal cure!

Being an alternative form of medicine, the fish medicine promoted by the Bathini Goud brothers, lacks scientific evidence till date to prove that it cures asthma or any respiratory diseases.

"The Bathini family is giving the medicine free of cost and over the years nobody has complained of any complications, so why this controversy?" asked Dattatreya. Around 6,00,000 patients were given the medicine last year and the number is expected to go up to 7,00,000 this year, according to the family. But if one goes by the number of fish supplied by the fisheries department, about 2,00,000 people take the medicine every year. The response to the medicine may differ from patient to patient and there may be no scientific proof of how the medicine works, but the mere belief draws thousands of asthmatics from different parts of India and even abroad to Hyderabad every year.
It is for this reason that the Goud family renamed the event as "fish prasadam" three years ago in the face of the controversy.

The family claims that in 1845 a holy man passed on the formula for the miracle medicine to their great-grandfather Veranna Goud, if he promised to distribute it free of cost and never reveal the ingredients to others.

The family has consistently turned down demands from rationalists and physicians to reveal the ingredients, claiming the medicine would lose its efficacy.

For many the controversy has no relevance.


Anonymous said...

Please can you tell me when is the exact date that this event taking place in june 2008?

Anonymous said...

How can I find the exact dates for the therapy in June 2008

Anonymous said...

Some details about the place:
The Venue :Exhibition Grounds, Nampally, Near Hyderabad Railway Station - (A.P.)
24 sales counters will be opened at the Exhibition grounds
and apart from 16 others outside the grounds.The counters will be open from 8am.
For further assistance call on 23376251/23326233/23376255.

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