Understand Diabetes and Win Over Diabetes

Are you diabetic ? Don't Worry... Understand Diabetes and Win Over DiabetesToday, the pressures to succeed and triumph are so high on the agenda, we neglect body, mind and soul connections. In the mad rush of living life, we end up confused, lost and bewildered. Is it possible to navigate life without hurting ourselves the most? Is it possible to keep the human body fit enough to last a lifetime? Can we ever lead a life of balance and fulfillment? Who do we blame? What do we do now? Who can we turn to?
Diabetes is a condition when the pancreas in the human body fails to produce insulin. Incidentally, insulin is the hormone that converts the sugar in the food into energy. Insufficient secretion of insulin by pancreas results in excess glucose level in the bloodstream, resulting in diabetes. The blood glucose is required to be used up to provide energy and fuel to the body, in order to do its work. If the level of glucose is high, it eventually affects the body parts.
A person suffering from diabetes portrays symptoms, which could be fatigue, hazy vision, excessive thirst, weight loss and an increase in appetite
Yoga and ayurvedic treatment will heal diabetes. Keral's Ayurvedic treatment is best known treatment for diabetes.

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