Obesity Control through yoga

What is obesity?
Excess accumulation of fats (Resulting in increased weight)
In today's technology dominated world, physical activity has decreased resulting in accumulation of fats.
Obesity may become reason for various other diseases.
Obesity is physical, mental and emotional
Obesity Symptoms:-
Obesity increases weight, reduces physical movements, and also brings in slowness in emotional and mental activities.
Food intake increases.
Obesity can result in frustration.Laziness increases, reducing overall efficiency.
Sometimes obesity can create obstruction to breathing process.
Obesity may result in heart problems, diabetes or blood pressure.
Obesity and Yoga:-
Yoga has considered all aspects of Obesity (physical, emotional and mental)
Regular practice of Yoga and controlled life style reduces obesity (weight is reduced).
Yoga makes human being agile, efficient and slim.
Yoga is suitable for people in any age group.
Yoga helps to achieve control over mind and behavior (one can easily control food habits and change life style to reduce the obesity.)

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