Prostate Cancer Symptoms,diagnosis and treatments

prostate cancer can be a life-altering experience. It requires making some very difficult decisions about treatments that can affect not only the life of the man diagnosed, but also the lives of his family members in significant ways for many years to come

What is prostate ?

Roughly the size of a walnut and situated around the neck of the bladder, the prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system and is vital in the production of semen.
The tube through which the urine passes is called the urethra, which goes through the prostate gland.
If the prostate enlarges, then the urethra narrows and urination problems occur.
The prostate is also the centre for a bundle of sexual nerves, which is why prostate problems can cause impotence.

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Prostate Ayuvedic treatment :

Prostate Support
Servings per Container 60 vegetarian capsules per bottle 500 mg. each
Reccommened Dosage - 1 Capsule two times daily
Suggested Retail: $21.95
Ingredients: Each Capsule contains Saw Palmetto 45% extract 320 mg. Shilajit 20% extract 75 mg., Turmeric extract 50mg., Tribulus extract 30mg., Mucuna extract 20mg.
Sexual System (male)
Saw Palmetto (berries) alleviate Enlarged Prostate: research
Saw Palmetto inhibits the conversion of Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the Prostate and blocks the attachment of Dihydrotestosterone to cellular binding sites, subsequently increasing the breakdown and excretion of Dihydrotestosterone. researchSaw Palmetto reduces the activity of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) in the Prostate by up to 66% (excessive Prostate EGF activity has been implicated in Enlarged Prostate). research
Saw Palmetto also acts directly on the Prostate in cases of Enlarged Prostate to reduce the Pain and Inflammation associated with Enlarged Prostate (due to Lipids in Saw Palmetto).Part of the beneficial effect of Saw Palmetto in the treatment of Enlarged Prostate relates to its ability to relax the Smooth Muscle at the Bladder outlet (thereby preventing the Urinary urgency and Frequent Urination that occurs in Enlarged Prostate patients).In most cases of Enlarged Prostate, treatment with Saw Palmetto causes some results to become apparent after six to eight weeks, although maximum improvement normally does not occur until six months of Saw Palmetto treatment.
Saw Palmetto Inhibits these Potentially Toxic Substances

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Prostate Homeopathic treatment :
The system of homeopathic medicine has a promising role to offer for the treatment of various diseases associated with prostate gland, inclusive of all its variants. Homeopathy, a branch of alternative medicines, can address majority of these problems effectively, gently and without using knife.Homeopathic approach towards prostate diseasesThe unique feature of Homeopathy philosophy is that Homeopathy aims at treating the patient who is diseased rather than merely treating the diseased organs of the patient. 'Treat the patient, not the disease' is a dictum practiced by homeopaths over 200 years. This simply means that the disease should not be treated superficially as if it is an independent entity in the body. Instead it is perceived that every disease is a result of the dysfunction of the whole body, as every system in the human body is interlinked. When we approach the patient with the idea of 'treating the patient and not the disease,' it is important to note that the disease gets automatically treated when the 'patient as a whole' is treated. This holds true with prostate diseases also. Whether it is prostatitis or prostate enlargement Homeopathy perceives this as total affliction of body and not of the prostate gland alone. The basic approach in homeopathy is to evaluate the diseases of prostate in its whole extent, whereby a lot of emphasis is given to the patient as a whole besides minutely studying various aspects of the prostate disorders. This is called as totalistic approach. Moreover, homeopathy firmly believes in enhancing body's own curative power to maintain the healthy status. The homeopathic approach is to enhance body's own healing capacity so that the deep-rooted maladies can be removed from the roots.

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