Ayurvedic treatment for leukemia (Cancer)

Constipation is a frequent cause of distress in advanced cancer. A palliative care unit in Kerala, a southern state of India, conducted a controlled trial comparing a liquid Ayurvedic (herbal) preparation (Misrakasneham) with a conventional laxative tablet (Sofsena) in the management of opioid-induced constipation in patients with advanced cancer. Although there was no statistically significant difference in the apparent degree of laxative action between the two, the results indicate that the small volume of the drug required for effective laxative action, the tolerable taste, the once-daily dose, the acceptable side effect profile, and the low cost make Misrakasneham a good choice for prophylaxis in opioid-induced constipation. There is a need for further studies of Ayurvedic medicines in palliative care.

Author : Dr. P. R. Ramesh, Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal (P. O.), Malappuram Dist., 676 503, Kerala, India

Treatment avilabale at : Pain and Palliative Care Clinic, Kottakkal, Kerala, India


Vaidyan said...

Treatment for leukemia from Cochin, India.

I am an Ayurveda Vaidyan from India, and healing leukemia. This therapy gives a full recovery from leukemia, with out side effects. Patients in the initial and secondary stages of the disease get an assured cure. There is difference in the long-term survival rate of people who get BMT/SCT vs those undergo this healing. For much advanced and terminal stage patients, they can strengthen what they still have before it dies completely. They live more days with quality time.

Pranavidhya, Marmatantra, and Ayurveda & Siddha Kayakalpa combined have been found significantly superior to all other treatment systems to heal leukemia. This healing can address all verities of blood cancers including AML, ALL, CML and CLL. Result is unique in patients of all ages. However the speed of recovery in children is amazing.
I am very eager to participate in study program of molecular biology or cancer genetics of universities of advanced nations to see scientifically how this healing reinstates normal cell functioning, even in diseases that do not respond to any treatment currently available. They can see whether this therapy acts selectively, inducing cell death in only malignant cells and not affecting neighboring healthy cells.

It is my sincere request to the international scientific community to focus on what can be done to expand the current research environment so that practices that lie outside conventional Science are appropriately addressed. I appeal to the people of good will from all over the world to help get this healing scientifically analized for the larger benefit of humanity.

Thank you
Vaidyan, Kochi, India.


Vittal said...


My mother is suffering from Advanced ovarian cancer crossed 4th stage.. She underwent 5 numbers of chemotherapy at manipal cancer hospital but extremly painful and stopped the same. its inoperable and extra abdomen fluid is being tapped from time to time but of no use as its getting filled very fast. She is eating fine but stomach is swelling.. Constipation is one more big problem for her.. she is 66 years of old very positive and will power is very strong.. anybody can help to save my mother, i would be grateful for this life time... vittal anand, bangalore india 09343346395

Andy said...

I have CLL, and incurable Chronic form of Leukaemia.

At one time, my WBC was 180k, but my regime of three small glasses of whisky each evening has brought my counts back to normal.

You are welcome to a sample of my blood to prove that my counts are normal.

chunu said...

My father is suffering from Plasma Cell Leukemia (PCL), he has gone through four cycles of chemotherapy and now Bone Marrow Transplant is to be done. We came to know that Ayurveda can also heal leukemia.

I would like to know if it can treat PCL also and if its beneficial to take Ayurvedic medicine afterwards also to maintain the plasma cells?


♪♥♪-Ajesh-♪♥♪ said...

Hi, My brother age 20 was diagnosed with AML and has completed 4 courses of Chemotherapy from Lakeshore Hospital, Cochin. After two months after the chemotherapy is over he started to have severe head ache and then was taken to the hospital. Doctors then conducted a bone marrow test and the result says that he still has the AML. Doctors now say that the rate of survival is just 10%.
I would like to know if this disease can be cured completely by Ayurveda.. If yes can you please provide the expense that incur and can you please revert back to me at 09994644649.

Thanks and Regards,
Ajesh Joy

Shabnam said...

My father is suffering from AML. He is currently taking treatment in Lakeshore hospital Ernakulam. He was about to take his fourth course of treatment. But today doctor told that there is no use of taking that one as his cancer cells are increasing rapidly. I would like to know if there is any treatment available in Ayurveda for this in Kerala. Please mail (shabuiyyani@gmail.com) to me immediately.

We Care India said...

Cancer is a complex set of diseases. Each cancer is unique in the way it grows and develops, its chances of spreading depends on the way it affects one`s body and the symptoms one may experience . Several factors, including location and how the cancerous cells appear under the microscope, determine how cancer is diagnosed. Cancer treatment in India

Mahesh SMO said...

Now a Days this cancer is increasing.
Many Scientists doing research on this cancer i recently visited Basavatakam Cancer hospital in hyderabd which providing best treatment for leukemia in india by top oncologists.

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