Different kinds of ayurvedic treatment in KERALA , INDIA

Nasya:In this type of treatment, medicatd oil is poured on into the nose drop by drop. It is effective for cronic sinocitysis, breathing related problems, etc.

Sirovasthi: The prescribed oils are kept at a bearable temperature on the head inside a feather cap.

Sirodhara:Continuous stream of oil/ decoction/ milk is made to drop on the forehead of the patient using special devices Uzhichil: This is a type of massage with different kinds of herbal oils, practiced specially in Kerala.

Pizhichil: The oils are poured on the body continuously followed by gentle massage done by four masseurs. Thalapothichil:In this, the head of the patient is packed with specially prepared Amla pulp.

Snehapanam: This is a method of internal administration of medicated ghee in increasing doses for a particular period.

Njavarakizhi: This is a massage with linen bags filled with cooked navara rice, soaking the bags frequently in a mixture of milk and decoction.

Elakizhi: In this treatment the body is massaged with cloth bags filled with fried medicinal leaves.

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