Asthma treatment with 'fish medicine'

The fish medicine for chronic asthma patients, a traditional treatment known only to Bathini Gowd brothers of Hyderabad, will be administered free of cost for 24 hrs in the hyderabad city city in india.
The "miracle" asthma fish medicine of the Goud family is again being dispensed in the Andhra city of Hyderabad. This 153 year old tradition continues to draw sufferers from all over as it's believed to be an actual cure for the ailment. Apparently you swallow a live fish, for three days in a row and then stay on some special diet for 45 days. "Post-mortem", the patient is supposedly cured of asthma. Couldn't find any scientific or clinical studies so some skepticism may be in order, but placebo effects can go a long way.

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Minal said...

Can I have the address and date for this fish asthma treatment for year 2009. My email is

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